Friday, November 20, 2009

Immoral Agenda Propaganda Continues

A long time ago, I blogged HIV/AIDS propagandist being quite unabashed about lying in order to advance her agenda, and now it appears certain 'scientists' are happy to do the same with global warming. One likes to assume these people at least believe in the problem they profess to be attempting to solve, but it is now pretty clear that they are merely presenting a problem, one that doesn't actually exist, because they want to implement policy.

The policies end up being depressingly the same, reduce freedoms, destroy families, limit economic choice... Ultimately, these people are working in the service of death. I've seen people argue that people should not have children in order to keep their carbon footprint minimal; not only a great way for selfish people to pretend they are being moral, but also logically one step away from suggesting murder/suicide as an effective means of saving the planet!

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