Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Amendment To Place Nation In Receivership?

Let's face it, whatever this government has, it stole from us, and we are only likely to be able to get back the stuff that's hard to move to other countries anyway.

We also should face the fact that we will probably be electing yet another lunatic-in-chief in 2012. Obama seems hellbent on making Carter look good. Now, have you ever noticed that voters in the U.S. have consistently voted for the better looking president since television became widely available? If anything, coherent policy positions seem to be detrimental.

And there's that whole other issue. This nation, and likely your state and local entities, are bankrupt. Permitting them to continue to misbehave is wrong. This is why I think we should eschew any more fiddling around with elections and just put the entire country into receivership.

We've got a series of claims on what we own, and our primary objective should be to stop having our political class and/or other political classes (China), take it, but return what has clear title back to their owners and sell off whatever is confusing (such is the arena of all stuff 'owned by the public').

Add in a simple justice and defense system and we could live more comfortably and freely in a receivership than we do currently. This is due, in part, because our rights are inalienable, but our oppressors are political. If we get rid of political law, there would be little reason for anyone to interfere with our freedoms.

Is "long live the receivership" catchy at all?

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