Friday, December 4, 2009

Dispelling A Specious Notion

I have noticed various little snippets about the climate scam around the internet, of which this is representative:

I've read a few (knowledgeable) people saying it's nothing, and a few saying it's terrible. If you're thinking of wading in on this, I will say, confidently, that there is little to no chance that you can figure out which camp is right unless you are a professional working in this area. (Which I'm not!)

This isn't true folks. You can figure out which camp is right. You can read the emails. You can find trustworthy programmers who will tell you the code they use cooks the data. In a pinch, I suppose you could learn to program yourself.

There is something even more important though. The Global warming crowd has been predicting various forms of tragedy since I was twelve. Their predictions prove to be false, with near record setting consistency. They have been consistently wrong for over two decades and their one game, through the 2000s, was to drown out this fact with misrepresentation. The less remembered scandal was how NASA moved around the 'hottest year on record' in order to make it appear temperatures were still rising throughout recent years. Other unacceptable behaviors include the tendency to take practically any large weather event and pretend it happened because of global warming. This, in turn, leads to even more erroneous predictions- witness the wrongness of their hurricane predictions post Katrina.

My point is this: you can tell that their models don't coincide very well with reality. Their map doesn't fit the territory, and believe me, it's better to admit you don't have any reliable means of navigating this subject rather than taking a child's rendering of Middle Earth out and confidently striding around New York! Thus this specious view, this developing notion that folks appear to believe is nuanced and sophisticated- that we can't figure this out because we aren't climatologists, or worse, that we can't even figure out which climatologist to believe- turns out to be no position at all. The middle ground, as it were, can only be accessed in the skeptic camp!

The global warming con-men refuse to put the middle ground on their map.

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