Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Data To Justify Them

Willis Eschenbach finds unacceptable manipulation of temperature data from Australia:

YIKES! Before getting homogenized, temperatures in Darwin were falling at 0.7 Celcius per century … but after the homogenization, they were warming at 1.2 Celcius per century. And the adjustment that they made was over two degrees per century … when those guys “adjust”, they don’t mess around. And the adjustment is an odd shape, with the adjustment first going stepwise, then climbing roughly to stop at 2.4C.

Click on over there and read it, and then ask yourself how many of the pro-global warming people do anywhere near this level of research? The environmentalists just repeat themselves! The only global warming people who touch this data are the people fudging it! I find this frustrating, not just in general, but on a personal level; I know I read more about this stuff, research more, just plain think about it more, but I am trapped in this stupid society that repeats a mantra about respecting other people's opinions! I am sure my opinions about sports are quite poorly informed compared to people who actually watch sports. In fact I don't generally create opinions about sports. Those who don't do the work but think they can continue to spout forth on policy decisions, however, are terrifyingly sophomoric.

In fact, this is what the entire edifice of socialism is, a conceit, people thinking that they can act because they have knowledge, which on closer inspection, they not only do not have, but they destroy for the rest of society the second they start trying to implement something. Neither politicians, nor scientists (though I don't know how you could call these people scientists since they don't like releasing data so that others could test their results- a key part of actual science) are gods. We should make them stop acting like they are.

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