Monday, December 21, 2009


Southern Bread on Rush Limbaugh's pro-war rhetoric:

I’m not going to go off pointing fingers and acting self-righteous because I used to be just as on board with all things military as he is. As recently as two years ago I would have said “Heck yeah man. Let’s bomb ‘em. Right on.” My recent studies have changed my mind though. And, I want to emphasize “my studies.” Not my feelings. Not my politics. Not my theology. It was my study of the historical facts about government and war that changed my mind on the military. I just can’t, in good conscience, support this stuff any more. It’s so obviously political. The whole Iran situation has been so hyped up that it’s nuts. Just like every other conflict we’ve been in or started. The facts never match the propaganda.

I wonder if, ultimately, Rush turns out to be part of the death knell for the Republican party. He's got to make you think, even if he is primarily an entertainer. If we get interested, we start studying, and though that puts us first in a Republican camp, it seems, more often than not, we migrate right through that camp. From where I'm standing, these 'conservative' mantras merely serve to keep the whole mess held together for a little while longer. Iran is not a danger to me; Washington D.C. is, and it destroys the very thing it pretends to send soldiers to distant lands to protect.

Left and Right: hands of the same ugly beast.

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