Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Temperature Fluctuations

Thanks to a few checkout lines, crowded cafes, and a relatively new tendency to layer a lot more, I've noticed something about myself. My temperature starts to rise in crowded areas. Normally I warm up a little more gradually, in a store I can usually walk all around with coat and everything still on; it's only when I'm in line, nearer other people, that I start to feel hot enough to tear every layer off.

Then I started realizing that there are plenty of times when I might not notice this event directly, like when it's not cold and I don't have a sweater, coat, and overcoat on top of my regular clothes. When it's a party, or even a crowded church, when I am trying to pay attention to others.

One of the problems I have with the self-help, positive minded crowd is that there isn't any way of verifying their practices work. The game is simple, if you succeed it works, if you fail you didn't implement it correctly. You can believe and receive right up until the point you keel over dead from a heart attack because you kept eating the industrial waste products they pretend is food nowadays.

Of course, difficulties in social situations is one of those areas where positive minded people like to provide their two cents, which is why I thought of that. Sure, I know they'll just push the psych stuff one step back and say it's the mind causing the temperature spike, but these people tend to be the same idiots who think you can lose weight by exercising, so I feel rather safe focusing on the biology and not the psychology.

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