Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vote For Crazy

When the media and established politicians suggest to you that a candidate is crazy, what they are also telling you, in quite an underhanded way, is that none of the traditional forms of political corruption will work against this person. What is true of the genuinely principled is also true of the genuinely crazy- they tend not to deviate from their convictions. So, if you feel like you have to vote, and you notice there's not actually a decent candidate among the lot, vote for crazy.

Some folks in Texas have a chance to do just that.

Introduction Video from Kesha for Congress on Vimeo.

Can you imagine Kesha compromising on her core principles, no matter how strange those principles are? Wouldn't she make Congress a better place just on the basis of refusing to compromise alone? We can't really expect her to get any of her more questionable policy initiatives done, but even if she did, wouldn't we still be better off? Better off, of course, compared to where we would be if one of her opponents wins and better off than we are with the current crop of bandits.

We wouldn't just be better off with her, we'd also be better off in the future.
If people started to 'vote for crazy', then the establishment would have to change their game quite a bit. They would no longer be able to exclude candidates from the debate by branding them as insane.

And meanwhile, I imagine C-Span would become quite entertaining.

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