Friday, January 13, 2012

The Russians Are Sane, Our Politicians Are Not

Apparently, it has become obvious the Russians aren't going to play our theatrical games:
Remember the cold war: evil Empire, 5 year plans, Lada cars, etc? It may very well be back, this time over the simple matter of a few million barrels of crude per day, after Russia was found to be quietly supplying an embargoed Syria with ammunition, in violation of a weapons embargo.

Well, why ever would the Russians do such a thing?
Maybe because they know the case against Syria is largely a state department manufactured scam? The Russians have interest in Syria because their port is there. They also have a connection with the Orthodox Christians living there, and the Orthodox are not experiencing what the State Department says is happening.

What the U.S. is doing is engaging in acts of war and then waiting for someone to get desperate enough to try and fight. I believe that many in D.C. continue to believe that WWII got us out of the great depression, and the pretext that any of these Middle East wars are in any way defensive still seems to be accepted. I do hope the idiots in D.C. understand this for what it is; the embargo is unacceptable and the Russians just quietly chose to ignore it. Otherwise our politicians may get more war than they expected.

Unless our politicians have been angling for a world war all this time...

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