Friday, January 20, 2012

Repeal Roe v. Wade Overnight

See, Santorum runs as pro-life, and were he to actually get in office, four years later he'd still be running as pro-life, saying vote for me or some evil Democrat will get in. Paul is pro-life, and says vote for me and I will make the Supreme Court behave (constitutionally and all) and it won't even be a federal issue anymore four years from now. The states had laws against abortion before Roe v. Wade. I cannot stress enough this is real change that means substantially fewer abortions rather than the stupid game of Supreme court nominee picking that never gets us anywhere. The only way Santorum's reference to the Declaration of Independence could be taken seriously is if he were willing to use force against a recalcitrant D.C. and as of yet, he only seems to be willing to kill innocent people in other countries rather than the guilty people he knows.

If this is your issue, Ron Paul is your candidate.

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