Friday, March 30, 2012

Divorce Industry Lawyers Are In The Conservative Party Too

David Boaz posts at Cato@Liberty about the U.K. conservative party going for gay marriage. Boaz appears to miss the driving force behind this sort of mess- the insatiable desire that lawyers have for more wealthy targets. This is a weird application of the bootlegger and baptist political approach, with some homosexuals playing the role of the pious, and the lawyers quietly but gleefully pushing the political machinery as hard as possible.

So, although the largely imagined right/left divide continues to shimmer with life in the imaginations of people who still watch T.V., the reality is quite simple- the conservative party has a bunch of lawyers in it too. A legal marriage contract means nothing, except to the wealthier person in the relationship, who will find the courts shall proceed to liberate them of their money in favor of the less wealthy person, with a significant portion of said funds going to the perpetrators of the racket. I have no doubt the younger, and usually poorer person in a homosexual relationship can play the victim just as well as women tend to do now in the western world, and get a favorable judgement in their favor- and they are likely to be able to do so even if they happen to be the ones involved in some sort of infidelity.

This is why I think this will come, even to very conservative states in which folks blather on about a constitutional amendment. The lawyers are seeing more money. They've already destroyed marriage. The only real solution is to take it completely out of their hands.

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