Thursday, March 29, 2012

Louisiana Gestapo

I mentioned a while back a law passed in Louisiana that forbade cash sales for second hand goods.
They don't put those laws on the books for nothing. Apparently they've arrested an owner of a gold store. Apparently this sixty-one year old man didn't ask for I.D. or pay with a check, but paid with legal tender instead. I'd like to emphasize the concept of legal tender here. This stupid law needs to be declared unconstitutional and we should be able to summarily fire every idiot who voted for this law.

Chances are though, that this will be one little law for which our little fascist state will receive the admiration of it's overlords. Can I buy secondhand coins, ones with actual value, without having to give I.D.? Can I buy and sell using gold and silver?

I can imagine a situation in which the use of gold and silver as currency would be redefined (probably already is) by the state as one of these second hand dealer transactions. So, both parties to a transaction, even if it were something as simple as buying eggs from a local farmer with a pre-1964 silver dime or two, would be illegal. I'm sure there are laws on the books making buying unregulated eggs illegal, but this second hand goods law essentially makes all transactions that don't take place with I.D. and a check illegal. This is because currency is almost always a second hand good. The stack of quarters I have on my desk were not handed to me from the doorway of the mint.

They busted the gold dealer with an undercover cop trying to sell a gold ring, so the case is unlikely to touch on the issues I bring up, but a ring and a coin can have similar value. The rationalization of this law is as an anti-theft measure; it will be incredibly easy to rationalize similarly for coins, especially since the politicians want all our wealth to be subject to their ability to plunder it.

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