Friday, April 13, 2012

The Fairer Barbarians

Vox Day on the 'working' woman:
Bearing and raising children is far more important than anything any working woman has ever done in her professional career in the entire history of Mankind. The silly, short-sighted, white trash teen mothers on MTV are contributing more to the human race than the most intelligent, highly educated, and accomplished women have ever done for it.
So, as smarter, wealthier women choose to not to have children, we have an inter-generational devolution of refinement. Some of us get on the internet and imagine we've got a chance to change things, but if you aren't pro-creating, chances are your ideas are going to end with you.
This is how our culture slides into a morass. You can hide in cities too. Find a few fading examples of high culture and live in your little box, pretending this tiny spark will reignite the world instead of fading to black. The religious live in a similar bubble. Everyone assumes they can convert their neighbor, if only they could explain things correctly. Conversion rates have always been in the single digits- Christianity inherited the earth via procreation.

Thus, for me, appeals to whatever higher cause sound like a lie, because it seems to me you'd be better off having children to soldier on in service of whatever higher cause you have. The barbarian female may plunder whatever culture is left, but she can't really transmit it, nor can she improve upon it.

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