Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happened to me too

Cappy drags out a few tired old lies the girls use when they break up with you:

Today, though, I want to address something that no doubt you, me, and every other guy out there has gone through (thereby guaranteeing young boys coming onto the line are going to suffer the same) and that is the "Alcoholism, Anger, Temper Excuse" or "AATE."

And funnily enough, these excuses were pulled on me precisely when I started thinking more responsibly. I've got this weird idea that I'd like to have children, and when it seems that time might be approaching, I tend to move in the direction of being more responsible- you know, the kind of Dad I might actually want, rather than some unbalanced fool.

The damage AATE causes young boys is not that a girl wants to break up with you and thus resorts to BS excuses to rationalize it, but it misleads you into thinking you have problems you really don't have and thus you try to change those problems.

The entire male gender doesn't need therapy, medication, or behavior modification- especially not the sort coming out of the estrogen dominated psychological fields. These people are the ones actively screwing males up.

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