Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Faux Specialization

I was thinking about- what else- the impediments to getting married and providing for a family in the way I see fit in this day and age, when I realized I have been seeing phenomenon for a while but have failed to point it out.
See, in this day of having to compete with three generations of women in the workforce, plus their idiotic male children who don't know how to screw in lightbulbs- when the modern human resource department can't administer a simple to test to see whether or not an applicant is qualified- everyone is dependent on an increasingly obviously meaningless credential.
The meaningless credential gets you in the door, but in day to day practice, even the most backward bureaucracy has to figure out how to keep the lights on, and often, they have to figure out how to keep the lights on while keeping the precious little idiots happy with themselves.

Entre vous faux specialization. I am all for actual specialization, but faux specialization is the sort where you end up hiring a lot of people to do a bunch of individual tasks that one dude did back in the day. I mean specialization to the point of diminishing returns. Or to be even more clear- you hire a moron to turn the damn light on and off in the hopes that he'll maintain some sort of competency in the task, and then five years from now you hire two people to replace him- one to flip the switch up, and another to flip the switch down.

I am actually one of the lucky ones. I have a job. I think, among my brothers, I am in the minority. I look around and see people my age and younger, and I am starting to wonder if I'm making too much of the whole 'provider' thing. Sure, I want to be able to provide, especially since I want my children homeschooled (or unschooled), but it is looking like the whole next generation of girls won't even be able to pretend a boy their age could ever provide for them.

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