Monday, May 14, 2012

Newsweek for Romney

Okay, maybe not, but if they really did just put Obama on their cover as the first gay president, then Romney ought to get a copy of Newsweek into every home in the country.
I'm kind of cynical anyway, given that travesty playing out with Zimmerman, that the Obama camp figured a little racial incitement would give him some cover. He gives an utterly meaningless endorsement to gay marriage- because marriage is a state issue in America- gets a lot of money, but keeps the black vote. But now, the big gay idiots at Newsweek are sabotaging the deal.
Blacks aren't going to vote for Romney, but they could just not bother to vote, just like I do.
Of course, one could be more cynical still, and assume both Republican and Democrat party leadership knows the crash is coming. Perhaps they want the other guy to win in the hopes the public won't notice they are both guilty.
But, what is most likely here is the sheer idiocy of the left. They are so twisted as to think this is a great moral win, so magically minded as to confuse words with deeds, so enamored with their own pseudomorality that they forget a significant chunk of the democrat voter base has kept at least a derivative of traditional morality.

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