Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Jobs Mean Less Than Children

John Lott brought up the anti-Mom meme- a meme more pervasive in American culture than even Lott thinks. He thinks it's leftist hacks like Elizabeth Wurtzel and Hilary Rosen, but this a basic story sold to young women around the country. See, we can't have young women looking critically at a worthless college degree and a meaningless desk job (that one can only laughingly call a fulfilling career) and comparing it realistically to raising new humans. In terms of any sort of decent valuation baby trumps power point presentation every single time.

And the longer your time line, the less the modern feminist thought process makes any sense.
There are always possibilities that things will turn out badly, but that doesn't mean you ought to lay every bet you make on the long shots in the hopes that one comes in. A fulfilling career is a long shot deal. The idea that you'll make a difference in any number of fields is also a long shot. Meanwhile, the mundane world of raising a child- very easy to make a difference. In fact presence of and any nominal attempt to properly raise a new human being is a difference.

The wikipedia pages for Elizabeth Wurtzel and Hilary Rosen are an apt demonstration of this flawed thinking. These people seem to be, if anything, damaging society via their 'work'. And yet they appear to be implying that their work is somehow more valuable than new, decently raised humans?

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