Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Sign of Contradiction

It occurs to me the U.S. bishops have an ancient weapon sitting in their arsenal. Traditionally, it was a bishop who crowned someone king, so perhaps the appropriate response to the tattered, unconstitutional shreds of the late American Republic would be a coronation.
I'm available, as long as the hours are good.
Of course, in my mind, the Eastern Orthodox bishops are more likely to do it right. I don't know what the Southern Baptists would think, and we'd have to negotiate with the 'no king but Jesus' crowd- folks I symphathise with politically. Whether you think of it as a protest or an attempt to set up a competing, more legitimate authority, I think it would work far better than the protests.
The first reason I think it would work is because it is foolish to do such a thing in this world. The very absurdity commends it.
The second reason I think it would work is because it is a contradiction, not an affirmation. As I have mentioned, who knows how many times, revolutions end up supporting, not ending the already existing structure. The old revolutionaries are in power, they have no intention of giving up power. The propaganda of revolution is the way the bureaucracy stays in power. Protestors, especially of the Occupy variety, simply feed the beast. Even Ron Paul's revolution seems to have ended with a little squeak that appears to support Romney.
The third reason I think it would work is very close to the second. A king, as a figurehead allows men and women to organize and set themselves apart from the existing structure without falling into the revolutionary structures. There is no way the king could actually have the power to reorganize society from the top down, but the people do have the power- and if they wanted they could.
There is a fourth reason; we could have some really awesome video and out propagandize the propagandists.

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