Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where Are The Smart Rich People?

Maybe everybody is still stuck in survivalist mode and they've got a few compounds around the world and figure they'll just hang out. I wonder who is thinking long term, though. It seems to me you'd at some point abandon the big corporate/government game. The debt alone makes it clear this won't last. So what do you need? Places were people grow good food, and develop some sort of decent culture. Small communities meant to be the incubators for new society as this one we've got starts crumbling down. Galt's Gulch is too restrictive. You need artisans, producers. You certainly don't need some guy sitting on a pile of paper patents that the government gave him restricting everyone else from producing.

Build some communities with the right infrastructure. Permaculture, home manufacturing (yes, why not even vehicles?), small labs and the right knowledge gets you close to the modern American standard of living. You get a better standard of living than that by eating some sort of ancestral diet so as not to damage your immune system in the first place. Human sized institutions would also help increase standard of living.

It is a long term game, but a few of these communities at the right scale could become productive rather quickly and start more throughout the land. Indeed, if you have communities in which men can actually have livelihoods, then there will be more children- children who will want to live in a similar community. It strikes me as weird when I see the sort of things I'd want to try if I had a lot of money- I wonder why others don't do it, or don't do it more. I suppose I have seen a city built (Ave Maria), but it was just overlaid on top of the existing institutional structure.

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