Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Conservative Analysis: Four Years Too Late

The Anonymous Conservatives wants folks to understand why some conservatives might prefer Obama over yet another traitorous bastard:
Clearly, Romney is probably not that loyal to the Conservative movement. As a result, he is triggering a strong desire to remove him from our in-group, as well as a strong desire to keep him from any leadership position in our in-group. In a state of K-selection in nature, this urge would produce a group with a leader who would be fully aligned with the in-groups interests, and thus more effective at leading the group to competitive success.
Good, but late. The mere nomination of McCain was a betrayal from day one. Bush betrayed us with the really obvious bailout in 2008, and there were various smaller ones going all the time.
Romney? He isn't really even playing conservative and he seems to be a bit of a placeholder- some guy they let in because they can't actually afford to win right now. Serious bills come due in the next four years and they might as well let Obama suffer the reputation damage.
It works for me too. I won't vote for any of these incompetents, but if Obama wins there will likely be more peace in my multi-cult neighborhood- well, until the shortages start, but they'd happen under Romney too.
AC's solution is to drag in a military man for VP:
A devoted Christian, and ex Delta Force Member, retired Lt. Gen. Boykin would allow these committed K-types to overlook Romney’s flaws, by giving them a highly K-selected leader to rally behind.
This would have been a stellar presidential candidate to run instead of John McCain. See a trend here? AC is fighting the last war. This is 2012. The Republic is dead. We'd get more mileage out of declaring someone king than we will fielding political candidates in an out of control system.

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