Monday, July 23, 2012

Pro-government forces are once again talking about gun control, but what is interesting to me is that there is actually an effective big government solution to 'random' shootings. Here is how it could work very easily:
In high school, maybe senior year or so, everybody gets serious training with weapons. The best self-defense training for everything from home attack to dealing with some punk in a crowded theater. At the same time, since teenagers are still likely to think that being a citizen has some sort of cachet, you impress on them the necessity to do their civic duty, carry at all times, and not do anything stupid.
Even just one person violating the stupid gun-free zone Cinemark policy could have reduced the carnage. Another big government solution- pass a law that requires anyone wanting a gun free zone to have several trained staff with enough weaponry to deal with these eventualities. Seriously- families should be bringing suit against the company for this stupidity. Boycott the movies until they get a clue.

So, I've just handed you a government program and a law. Both of these actions would create more jobs. You could even hand out bright shiny new weapons to the best students. I recommend, of course, not handing out weapons to those who do badly in the training. A big government solution for the big government people.

I am not, of course, a big government guy. I point out that there is a big government solution in order to point out gun control advocates are basically lying. Maybe this is a baptist and bootlegger issue- the gun control advocates are the pious baptists railing against moral iniquity, and who are the bootleggers? Who wants large populations of Americans unarmed and afraid? Why is terrorism seemingly always aimed at them instead of the politicians who do the things the terrorists don't like?

It's simple math, and continues to be so. More competent carriers in public places means these things end faster and fewer people get killed. The other simple fact is, it is pretty easy for the government to put into place a big government policy that would actually reduce the likelihood of these sorts of mass murders. That they do not, and continually insist on policies that make it easier for the murderers to attack, is a clue.

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