Monday, July 30, 2012

The Mirage of State Marriage

Andrew Matthews put up a pretty solid explanation of what the state has done to the institution of marriage:
However, no attempt has been made to compare existing marriage traditions in order to discover a fundamental marriage ideal for guiding law. It’s simply presumed that no natural ideal exists, so therefore it’s impossible to discover a single ideal in which all true marriages share. This presumption itself entails the setting of a denatured concept of marriage over all actual marriages to function as a default ideal.

The state subsumes, as he points out, to itself all authority formerly reserved for God, community, family, etc... In a world where natural authority is shunned so that the bureaucrat may not perish from this earth, the eldest is rejected, and bastards are cherished.

What is particularly troubling is the mentality of people around me, even Christians. Start talking intergenerationally and you'll get countered with how pleasant picnics are. Twaddle. Since I quit watching T.V. my general sensation of other people being brainwashed has gone up considerably. Is concern for the future, for a literal end to either my own line, or a people I happen to belong to so outré?

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