Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Mole Makes American Foreign Policy Logical

Michele Bachmann, along with a few others, write a letter to the inspector generals about possible undue influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and the media appears to have gone sky high with their condemnations. There is one problem; if the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated any part of the federal government generally and/or the State Department specifically, suddenly the madness that currently constitutes American foreign policy makes more sense.

The complaints found in the letter are rather pedestrian, and, of course, fail to take into account the State Department's heavy hand in the faux revolutions in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. Bachmann is still, of course, a big pro-war nut, and it is unlikely she realizes that if the Muslim Brotherhood does have influence, it's influence has extended into part of the action in the Middle East she thinks is cool. Both the Syrian and Iranian governments differ from the Muslim brotherhood in ethnicity and religion.

The continued escalation throughout the region makes very little sense and pushes us very close to conflict with Russia and China. Meanwhile there are people in the corridors of power who cannot legally be there- they've been allowed there due to the proclivities of our progressive officials, and every attempt is being made to keep them there. For my part, I hope someone actually does investigate. Perhaps arrests can be made before we find ourselves in World War III with people who haven't been deploying assets globally and otherwise burning through everything for the past ten years or so.

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