Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Homeless Evangelists

The modern American military machine appears tuned to 'make the world safe for democracy'- a rather inane state for a mindlessly imperial march across resource other resource rich countries- and the individual American soldier is supposedly fighting for this nation, the core of which he experiences personally as his family.
The reality though, is that adultery is rampant with soldiers away on missions, and divorce lawyers surround American bases. In addition, the military apparently makes it possible for an ex-wife to access a large part of her ex-husband's benefits after just five years or so of marriage.
So, essentially what I am saying here is that the American soldier is getting pillaged by the nation he is supposedly defending.
There is no core, no home.

American evangelism smells just as homeless as American democracy.

Similarly to the military machine, American denominations send their young women out on 'missions'- more properly termed Christian tourism. Pictures of these events are easy to spot, usually consisting of some blonde posing with a passel of dark skinned children, or doing something like painting. These trips cater, as most of modern Christianity does, to a woman's desire for emotion and novelty. There are usually real missionaries somewhere in the area who could have used the money it takes to fly spoiled girls in a much more effective fashion. Even simply hiring local workers to do these sorts of jobs helps missionaries to build ties within the community that they are ministering to.

Then there is the question of ecumenism. For many denominations doctrinal definitions have been de-emphasized, so traditional indications of conversion cannot be used. One's ability to assess the meaning and value of any particular action can only be valued via emotion. As a person tries to make American Evangelism work, he or she begins to refer heavily to coincidences, rather than commands. Comparisons to the new age religion could be made.

And we see here also, among Christians, few with what could be considered a home, and those that manage anything approaching it are always in peril. Women have a spiritual temptation to think themselves more pious, and in many cases need to be reminded that Jesus is not their boyfriend. Leaders tend to be compromised with this world and are unlikely to provide the sort of backing- the necessary foundations upon which anything serious can be built.

The focus must be on building and defending homes. This nation shall fall. It does not protect or care even for its own. American evangelism has a similar tint of rose colored desperation. Either there is a home, from which a man can go out and bring the good news to others, and to which a man can bring others and say 'see how it is here', or there is nothing.

Addendum:It occurs to me that some do bring people to a place and say 'see how it is here', but it seldom looks like a home- usually it looks like barracks.

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