Friday, August 3, 2012

Eating Crap In Protest

My local Chick-fil-a was shut down by pro-Chick-fil-a forces showing up and buying all their food. No doubt the Syrian media will claim it was really the Obama regime who shut it by perpetrating some sort of horrid massacre. Oh wait, that's our media constantly misplacing blame.

The zombie republic marches on, and we know where it is going. We want to be able to change it, even stupid people want to change it- this is why Obama's 'hope and change' message worked the first time around. The problem is his policy is just more of the same, done more stupidly, and all the while our economic ability to absorb the errors are shrinking down to nothing.

So, the silent majority of this jacked up country goes and eats food not actually fit for human consumption in support of one of their rich masters who happens to hold a similar definition of marriage in his head.

This is to be followed by a kiss-in by homosexuals,which will violate the corporation's property rights. I suspect the media will enjoy shoving photos of that down our throats.

But here again I want to point out how dead the republic is- Americans are reduced to hanging out in a fast food parking lot as a form of political expression. Is it really that bad? Yes- Ron Paul pursued a delegate strategy; I'm sure he was hoping to get the nomination, but he was also expecting to have some influence at the party convention. GOP leaders are breaking every rule to make sure he can't have the influence he worked hard to earn. Ron Paul people have worked hard to qualify for a delegates and follow all the GOP rules in order to have an impact, but our ruling class does not, apparently have to follow any of those rules.

So, really this is America's weak version of the self-immolation protest.
Every so often a man decides he's had enough and he douses himself with gasoline and lights himself on fire in front of some government building. A similar, but more diffuse sentiment apparently exists. We shall put up with heartburn, but not risk anything more, and we are in danger of not even starting to resist until it is too late.

A better food centric way to protest the government is to find farmers who are trying to raise food properly and to eventually manage to source all your food from outside the government's purview. While not every corporation is evil, every corporation has to cooperate with evil, or else evil notices that they provide a nice fat tempting target. So, I am sure even Chick-fil-a is following whatever legal rules the government has set in place on this and other subjects. Much better to find people who are actually trying not to compromise.

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