Monday, August 27, 2012

When a Riot is a Crime

The Pussy Riot thing in Russia was so obviously an open and shut case of trespassing and (probably) vandalism that I have a hard time taking anyone who is supporting these people seriously. The world attention, not to mention the past few years of the nonsensical actions of FEMEN, has led me to believe this is likely sponsored by western feminists and very likely the State Department.
These are not freedom fighters; they are not even capable of making sense, much like the various faux revolutions in the Middle East have yet to produce any coherence- the only coherent folks are people who have been around a long time, like the Muslim brotherhood.
Aleksander Dugin explains it as an ideological war:

I believe in liberty, but part of liberty means being able to build a church and having rules about what goes on in it. Private property is vital, otherwise the state (or a pack of lesbian hooligans- or worse, both, as we see nowadays in various parts of the American bureaucracy) can come in to your home and do whatever they want. The current Russian government may not really measure up to the 'symphony of powers' concept, but they are doing a much better job than the U.S. We are a discordant mob.

Thanks to Spearhead for the link.

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