Friday, October 5, 2012

Why The Government Conned Women Into Thinking Working Was Cool

It is very likely I can't say it better:
Look, a disproportionate number of women don't want to take care of their own kids. They want to outsource that to other (primarily) women. While they in turn, disproportionately, major in social sciences where they ultimately end up taking care of other people's children anyway (schools, social work, non-profits, government, etc). They in turn get a salary for doing what they would have been doing otherwise AND HAVE TO PAY TAXES ON SAID SALARY which they wouldn't have had to pay otherwise. Yes it costs more, and yes the kids don't come out as good as they would have had a parent been at home, and yes the state is raising your children, and yes society's integrity is collapsing and the economy is tanking. But that's alright because the real reason we do this is for ego satisfaction and to claim you're independent and have a career.

For some reason, the massive waste of money that I see happening is weighing on my mind more and more. I just recently noticed some couple getting married- the women had majored in fine arts or something. In years past I would have thought her pretty good, coming from Christian home, likely behaving herself, and to be commended for getting married earlier than the rest of the nutcases. Now I think about that money that just went down the drain for her four years- even if she incurred no debt and her parents paid every dime, well she almost certainly has brothers and I know for a fact boys need as much wherewithal as possible to get anywhere under this regime.

It breaks down like this- women and minorities get the free seats, so if you are a smart white male, you had best not pretend for a second academia is the slightest bit interested in you unless you have money. You have to compete with the rich kids, and it isn't pretty on this side- this is how academia makes their money, fleecing rich idiots. They certainly don't care about the advancement of knowledge.

So, regardless of the fact that this little lady is probably an awesome girl compared to the rest of America, her little stint in college doesn't give her a single skill for being a wife and a mother, but it does burn up a lot of money, which could have been used to put more men in a stable situation in which they could provide for families. Do I need to spell out how more men able to provide for families means more women in stable financial situations too?

I just hope my rather cynical nature on this subject doesn't cause me to miss a real opportunity should one actually arise.

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justme27 said...

Good stuff. My thoughts exactly. State of New Mexico paid for my fluff degree. But I cringe at the idea of going into debt or putting aside family time now to do that sort of thing!