Monday, October 8, 2012

Barbarians Again

Price has been reading medieval history, and makes an interesting comment on Spearhead:
The question, then, is whether feminists, when presented with the opportunity, would deliberately create the conditions of barbarism. That feminists romanticize a golden past of female empowerment, even going so far as to suggest that ape society is superior to our own, seems to suggest that they will. Perhaps, then, it isn’t so much that feminists want to change civilization, but rather – consciously or not – they aim to dismantle it.

This seems familiar to me, for I have already suggested that they are the barbarians, for, despite what they say, what they do is plunder:

Thus, for me, appeals to whatever higher cause sound like a lie, because it seems to me you'd be better off having children to soldier on in service of whatever higher cause you have. The barbarian female may plunder whatever culture is left, but she can't really transmit it, nor can she improve upon it.

I doubt very many of them, except perhaps a few hardcore leftists who still daydream of bringing about Marx's fevered imaginations, actually intentionally want to kill civilization.  I just think it is easy for many to have a soft life, playing at a new age morality, avoiding all the old responsibilities.  Thus they pretend the various pseudo-sciences that they like to major in will actually contribute to society rather than choke it to death with credentialed mediocrity. They like to point to these 'achievements' as having some value, but absolutely hate them to be compared to the humans never had.  When the lives that could have been are considered, their accomplishments begin to look as they truly are- so much ash.

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