Friday, November 9, 2012

Not Voting: A Faint Whiff of Political Satisfaction

If John is right, I just got happier:
But the point is this: everyone was completely floored by the course of events. Not only did they actually believe that Romney was going to win, but could not imagine circumstances where he would not. After all, everyone was set to “take their country back.” What is clear is that Fox seemed to be their only source for what is going on in the country, and many found themselves unprepared for reality.

Now, maybe, just maybe, some Republican will do some checking.
I doubt it.  I really do.  I don't think they are ready for the kind of change they'd have to make.
But, maybe they notice me, and people like me.

Did you notice your sons won't vote for you anymore?  When you hear some one younger than you, someone who can't get a decent job and despairs of every being able to provide properly for a family- well, do you listen, or do you just pretend we are lazy?

You can find us in the data.  You might have to look hard, because we aren't currently returning your calls, but you can learn.

The really hard part?  You've got to give it up.  We don't need to conform to you- your organization can completely die for all we care; we can take a shot for a better world during the destabilization.  You've got to lift us up.  Remember what you let Romney do to the Ron Paul supporters?  Those Ron Paul supporters were the sort of folks who actually thought they can do something within your organization by following the rules.  I was not one of them, and I suspect they are more radicalized than I am.

No, if you don't want to die on the vine, take whatever piles of money you've got left as well as the remainder of your network, find people like me and lift them up.  If they sound like Ron Paul, if you are worried they might be loco, well, they are probably alright.  If they talk about nullification, they are probably alright.

No, I know.  I already see the face of some Bush.  Most likely this is because you just can't keep your corporate hands out of the government till.  But, if you personally want to keep your job, just to let you know, some serious change has to happen- beyond anything you guys were promising.  And while you aren't looking, even people who have been pretty goofy up until this point are figuring things out. It may not work in the long term, but it is better than anything you've given us. You are part and parcel of the lie about going to school, working hard, and then finding a good corporate job. You are just as guilty as the Democrats on that one- probably more so, because you were supposed to be conservative, and at least know about things like the distribution of labor.

So instead of defending the family and pushing back against the feminist ideology, you became indulgent and spent a lot of money on meaningless degrees for your daughters, which ultimately led to these questionable careers- not least of which in HR, where they instinctively create the sort of tests only women can put up with much less pass.  And then, instead of keeping the economy free so that small businesses can form, you form some sort of siamese twinship with corporate America allow all sorts of regulation and socialism that helps pre-existing corporations insulate themselves from competition.  There's far more lawsuits than innovation, especially in tech quarters, and meanwhile you are fielding Romney?

Do you know what is about to happen to this country?  Do you know what is about to happen to you?  All the silly dreams you filled my head with are gone- now what I want is land where I can grow food and generally just stay away from both you and your idiot Democrat counterparts.

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