Monday, October 29, 2012

Societal Devolution: Inability to make use of human capital

To whatever extent one should use the term 'human capital'- which, much like 'human resources' carries a faint stench of cannibalism- I can certainly count myself as capital not being used.  This is somewhat like society having evolved just enough to develop and build a sophisticated factory, only to lose the capacity to run it as soon as the doors open.

A healthy society would know how to identify and make use of people of intelligence.  Instead, we seem focused on giving the masses and special groups experiences that are supposed to approximate what the intelligent used to have.  Everyone goes to college now, but it isn't really college.  Despite the lies, everyone cannot be president, but in terms of the intelligence level, everyone might as well.  I suppose that one is egalitarianism+cronyism.

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