Thursday, November 29, 2012

To the MI6 Propagandists

I briefly thought anarchists had taken over the Bond franchise, but once I saw the Skyfall scenes about computers, well I'm thinking even a twelve year old hacking for Anonymous would know better.  So I suppose that M's speech reflects your true fears, even as the larger plot reveals the reality- both the threat and the supposed response comes from you.
Alas, the Petraeus scandal suggest our idiots don't know any better either.  I know how to encrypt a hard drive, and although I am not Q, I can imagine a protocol for decrypting a hard drive that does not involve turning it on and plugging it into a networked computer.  There are live cd/dvd/usb images out there that would let me copy the entire drive bit for bit to another hard drive, so I'd have a spare if one locked out or anything, and I could get on about the drudgery of decrypting (which takes a long time) on a stand alone computer.  But I digress.

The point, I suppose, is that nobody looked good in your film.

M functions not only as an oppressive micromanaging possible dyke (an archetype we see filling up all sorts of government positions all over the West), but also as a stand in for a nation that has happily had its citizens shot, abused, miseducated, and otherwise sold down the river. 

Bond, apparently, was a psychologically damaged orphan who was manipulated into defending M/England regardless of direct threats to himself, the people, the government, etc... 

The only lame attempt to make MI6 look any good at all here was to make the villain look worse.  Here is the problem- he came from MI6 too.

I do think you are afraid of the shadows, but I don't think you believe there are any real threats to the people there.  The threat is to you and your game.  Because people are going to figure out Anonymous or Wikileaks drops documents, while you drop bombs.  In fact, you have already pretty much told them with this film.  I sort of wonder whether or not you aren't just rubbing it in our faces at this point. This film was a perfect argument for a drastic reduction in intelligence gathering spending, an argument I doubt was intended to be made.

It was fun to watch though.

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