Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Making Chili Is No Fun

One can do all sorts of wonderfully innovative things, when making chili, but unfortunately, even if everything goes perfectly right, one gets something that tastes entirely like chili.  If everything does not go right, one ends up with something that tastes like salty chili, and one wonders if people are going to be able to eat it.
But, as I was mentioning before, the most disappointing thing is that you can bring your considerable powers to bear on the problem and then end up with something that tastes a lot like that canned stuff people put on hot dogs.  I could have went round to Wendy's.  I can't taste any evidence of the things I did differently, so there is really no pay off.

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justme27 said...

This made me laugh. Add potatoes? Helps soak up the salt, so they say.