Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Best Policy Is No Policy

I ended up becoming something of a policy wonk when I was fifteen.  It is, in part how Republicans can get to your intelligent children- by providing them with logical and beautiful sounding policies that, at least in general, will work better than whatever is going on now. They never actually implement them, but they used to be able to at least talk a good game.

I bring this up because there were a few policy talks at the last Ancestral Health Symposium.  They are starting to put the talks up on Vimeo and I am sure I will enjoy many of them, but when I saw the policy talks it just feels like someone trying to encourage me to forget the forest and focus on all the pretty trees.

Maybe there are some unexpected gems in there, but the policy is the problem, and the real answer is not more policy or better policy; the best policy is no policy at all.  I hope someone mentioned that- I think the politics trends libertarian there, but an hour wasted on a policy talk means missing other very important things.

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