Friday, February 22, 2013

Being At the Top Doesn't Necessarily Help

Seems I'm not the only one:

“Over these fifty years we have learned and experienced how original sin exists and is translated, ever and anew, into individual sins which can also become structures of sin. We have seen how weeds are also always present in the field of the Lord. We have seen how Peter's net also beings in bad fish. We have seen how human fragility is also present in the Church, how the ship of the Church is also sailing against a counter wind and is threatened by storms; and at times we have thought that the Lord is sleeping and has forgotten us.”

From this article.

Destruction is fun in someways, so there is a temptation to go out and destroy those structures of sin. I think of all the times my kid brothers would gleefully knock down something I had just built with blocks.

But much more important is to find the space, somewhere, where you can build a good structure. This is the frustration- getting crowded out, watching resources being wasted on known bad things. What is there for us to do? Buy a small plot of land, hopefully easy to defend and/or largely unnoticeable to the criminal class, and start over?

I like to imagine I could do some good if I had resources. Maybe I could put together some sort of library/cafe that had the knowledge in it necessary for people to know. Maybe I'd get more folks working on more projects that way. The structures of sin now seem necessary to men, for they form a sort of feedback loop.

I do think the internet works for some, but they've got to be looking for it already.
For a lot of people, they won't think to look for it until they run into it by accident.

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