Monday, February 25, 2013

The Reactionaries v.s. the Homo-Mafia

Teofilio linked to With The Pope Against the Homoheresy, which suggests there is a massive homosexual underground in the Church. I managed to read up until page eight, at which point I decided, as I often do, that the reactionaries are just as bad as the progressives.


Well, why would homosexuals go be priests? First they are part of the larger progressive mafia, those people who seek out bureaucratic positions and feel morally justified in 'changing' (for those of us with sense, that reads as perverting) our institutions.
Second, homosexuals like to go to seminary because that is where the boys are.
See, both the reactionary and the homosexual likes to play identity politics. For the reactionary, considering the homosexuality inherent in the person is almost a relief, because then we can just kick those people out. Now the progressive likes identity politics too, and the homosexual agenda is high on the list, but when it comes to sexuality, people notice what works, and there is a reason a lot of gay men act, well, like women.

So, while the reactionary imagines all he has to do is get rid of the homosexuals, the homosexuals see a bunch of men trying to be celibate, who, depending on their sex drive, may just accept a type of sex that isn't their first preference. So there would be some, maybe a lot, who never identify as homosexual, and never would have gotten into the mess anyway if the the practice of ordaining married men had been maintained. Indeed, if I were a betting man, I'd bet this homomafia would be among the loudest for the continued state of an all-celibate priesthood because it means a larger playground for them.

The radical steps necessary to change incentives will not be achieve by hunting down homosexual priests. Some of them may even be good priests who actually signed up to serve God. This is why the reactionary isn't going to help. He isn't going to decentralize because he is going to assume decentralizing will put power into the hands of the wrong people. He will not want bishops to ordain married men and/or train men in the diocese. He will think all the top down nonsense is righteous and necessary and that all we really have to do is root out all 'those people.'

So, the reactionary will fail. Much like the conservatives in this country can't seem to notice the military is a wasteful government organization, and that the republic for which that flag stands just doesn't exist anymore. We need a local church where people actually know each other. More bureaucracy will fail. Bureaucracy is the venue through which progressives thrive.

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