Thursday, February 14, 2013

Identity Politics- Is There A False Christian Identity?

A while ago, I wrote Political Constructions of Self wherein I described a false female identity:

This false construct says if pregnancy and children occur, the self will be diminished. I'm not here to produce babies doesn't make sense if the I is a human woman, the here is the earth, and babies happen to be a part of life here on earth. I'm not here to produce babies does make sense if the I is a political identity, here is whatever territory within which the struggle is taking place, and babies are those pesky things that take resources away from the political parasites.

Now following on my recent flogging of the personal relationship with Jesus, not only its uselessness in evangelism but its non-biblical nature,I wonder if those who build such false construct didn't just place them in people on the left, but people on the right as well.

If there were a false construct of Christianity, wouldn't the outcome be similar?  An identity that demands behavior destructive to the person holding it, much like the female identity I mentioned above, which I came across in a discussion about biology?  One that lays itself bare to our schools, governments, and corporations, in the same manner as the false female construct of self?

Is it just a coincidence that certain Christian memes originate from the 1960s?  Many of the feminist memes come from that time too.  Are they against each other, as people on the left/right, Republican/Democrat line like to pretend?  I must say, now that I have left that line, and tend to view any real political argument ought to be taking place on a monarchist/anarchist line (if there is to be a line), I am more inclined to see people still on the old line as suffering from different versions of the same disease.

Much as Bismarck co-opted the working classes to help create a modern German state, so too did this fiction of left-right help solidify a massive increase in government.  We see the same problem with so-called right wing patriots, who can see that everything is being stolen out from under them, but can't see the flag and the military is part and parcel of the ever-expanding evil.

So, assuming the enemies of Christianity would want to make Christians an extremely ineffective bunch who are oftentimes at odds with Christ in terms of liking various forms of big government- whether it's entitlements, or killing people in Afghanistan- then it makes sense people interested in making false constructs of self would have one or two available for Christians. 

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