Monday, February 25, 2013

In Need Of More Than a Concept

I linked to where Mencius Moldbug stated that the concept of God was useful earlier, and I kept thinking about it.

Between our little imperfect selves and perfection lies an asymptote. Ditto between the finite and infinite, the created and uncreated, etc...

So, from our point of view the process of perfecting ourselves is a) vital and b) impossible. If if we were adept at it, which we are not, we'd still never jump the asymptote. So we must try to do something impossible.

As I have gotten older I have begun to have more sympathy for Nietzsche. I have heard, second or third hand about the tragedy that is the Twilight novels, especially when the vampire dude shows himself as all sparkly. A similar sparkliness was fantasized into Jesus by various women over the years. By the time Nietzsche became self-aware the full on romanticism must have been under way, and nary a word about theosis was likely breathed in the West. So it was only natural that Nietzsche would perceive the sparkly Jesus as an obstacle rather than the way.

But the real Jesus is the way, He's the answer to the problem. We can't jump over the asymptote. The uncreated can, however, create. The perfect can incarnate into the imperfect world. This is where you've got to drop the agnostic line and grab hold of this 'faith' thing as best you can. Either we've got the WAY or we are really just screwed, and if we are just screwed, well, I don't see how we are better off knowing that.
We still have to struggle towards perfection because of the nature of existence. We are either maintaining our bare humanity by trying to perfect ourselves, or we are becoming subhuman and prolonging our death. We are all going to die, but some make it the object of their life. I want something more.

Contemporary American Christian music would probably make Nietzsche cry and tear his hair out. The romance in religion has become over-ripe and even rotten. I think a lot of people are so comfortable thinking about how Jesus loves them that they eschew the struggle. They assume the struggle is unnecessary. Moldbug, at the very least, notices the struggle is necessary.

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