Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Normal Behavior Rare Enough To Be News

It dawned on Anna Jesus that she should have children in her twenties. Sadly, there is very little normal about the actual process, because the reason she thought of this is because she was suffering from a condition that causes infertility.
I got this from First Things, which asks, Is it crazy to have kids in your 20s? They ask this question because they have succumbed to a fad in somewhat Christian circles to title blog posts with stupid questions. I think it is supposed to draw stupid people into read the post- a sort of knowledge based sucker punch or something.
Now the gist of that particular post is how little support women who choose to do such things get. I think this is somewhat silly, but then I am a guy. I suspect the support not given is support from other women- i.e. the network they are already a part of freaks out because their collective delusion is under threat.

So this is news. She wasn't even in her early twenties. She was infertile, so she used means that many find morally questionable. So maybe this isn't news- maybe it is advertising. Have your 30 to 40 something readership comfort themselves with the idea that medical interventions will allow them to have children. Theoretically, it could be a cautionary tale, but how many fertile women actually read the New York times?

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