Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sixties, Federalization of Public Schools, & Identity Politics

In part, at least, because I have reason to believe I am being betrayed by people I thought I could trust, I'm digging around looking for more on this identity thing. Something must have happened to stop people being authentically Christian and start them being non-dynamic identity based creatures who happen to think they are Christian.
I was guessing this stuff came out of the sixties, right along with that 'personal relationship with Jesus' meme, and more obviously leftist things like feminism.
So, I did a little search about public school and the sixties:
It is not a problem of whether or not the federal government ought to regulate education; the time has come when it is imperative that the federal government assume direction and control from a weak constituent in order to provide the leadership which American public schools so richly deserve.
So, I haven't found the actual protocol by which they started this crap yet, but the sixties appear to be the point at which schools in this country were basically seized, and given to those who wanted to hijack the political system via identity. The 'conservative' based identities might not have necessarily been taught per se- perhaps the leftist taught identity politics with a view to have everyone be leftists and the damaged children who refused the taught identity ended up creating their own based on what they though tradition was. I don't know if this is totally true, because I know Bismarck. The right's patriotism definitely smacks of an identity, for it persists even after the theft has taken place. These are the people who hate Obama, but think it's great that he can kill anyone he wants with a drone.
I'd like to know how these things were formed. I need to deprogram a few people. This stuff is pernicious, like the revolution meme- you can stand there and point out how it constantly requires more revolution, but which ever revolutionary you are talking to thinks he's going to set everything right. They can't set anything right because the true first premise of a revolution is theft and they justify it through an idea of historic systematic oppression- something that did not actually come into existence until revolution and the birth of the modern state. Oppression certainly happened in individual times and places previously, but it was not systematic and nearly universal, as it is now.
In no small part, it is the presence of these identities, most easily identifiable by their self-destructive aspect, which enforce the modern state. The governing class is too small to do it themselves, even with drones, so they must depend on the miss-educated to destroy any community with the potential to compete.

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