Friday, April 19, 2013

New Rome Or Planet Haiti

Post-tragedy politics is always ugly, largely because politics is always ugly, and the tragedy just makes it more obvious. The logic of disarming us to make us safe doesn't work too well for many of us when the tragedy itself proves you can't make us safe and therefore we need the tools necessary to defend ourselves.

Another thing that comes into my head is that in some ways we are not Rome; we are Haiti and our owners are really nervous that we will revolt. It is interesting, I suppose, that the inclinations of the Republicans seem to be like Romans fearing the barbarian hordes, while the Democrats tend to be like the French landowners in Haiti, fearing the internal threat of their own slaves revolting.

But, thanks to the Neo-Roman empire, we may have just achieved Planet Haiti. The average Bostonian probably doesn't want to hear about blowback- I wouldn't either, but it does exist, and, unfortunately, the level of global intervention has reached so many levels that practically everyone has a reason to strike out.

The level of internal intervention has been terrible too. You can read the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, etc... You know the government is breaking the laws that are supposed to constrain it, and you know nobody is going to jail for it. You probably also know the country is bankrupt. 'Too big to fail' was never a good idea for corporations, and you can be sure it isn't a good idea for governments either.

Unfortunately, Haiti didn't have a good post-revolt record of governance. We don't want, for instance, the Occupy Now movement, or some random Chechens governing. It seems that if you are smart enough to understand who is guilty, then you tend to be smart enough not to engage in protests, terrorist attacks, etc...

Meanwhile, it seems the only really good advice would be to secede, decentralize, etc...
People are angry primarily at the policies coming out of Washington D.C. under the aegis of the United States of America, this thing that once was a Republic, but is now little more than a zombie. The inertia of power keeps it going as politicians can probably see the wall coming, but they also see the advantage to themselves if they stay in and take for as long as they can.

How can Boston be safe? Free Boston. An independent Boston is less likely to be a target, because it will no longer be connected with our slave owners in D.C.

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