Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Else Was Happening In Boston?

Given the rather strange nature of events, and the subsequent revelations the these guys had interaction with the F.B.I., and that Russians supposedly warned about them, I would now like to know what, if anything, was either happening or supposed to happen in Boston during this singularly unconstitutional occupation of an American city by government forces.

Is there a way to get news from Boston concerning that time period minus the bombing?

The stupidity of the average American aside, this show of force on American streets was truly astounding. There are people in D.C. who, whether this was accidental or not, have sat up and taken notice. They now know they can pull crap like this off- at least the North East- and be lauded under the right circumstances. It is just hard for me to believe they'd push this hard for two delinquents.

Thus, again, I wonder, what else was happening in Boston? Was something facilitated, was something stopped, or is the state of Mass. just as foolish as it seems?

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