Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Faux Patriarchy

I want to describe a plausible situation in the Church, and then point out why the fact this situation can easily exist within the Church suggests a serious problem of compromise with the world.

Suppose a wife chooses to divorce her husband. Both husband and wife are Catholic. Both care enough to show up for Mass, and both believe that they can't go remarry now that they've screwed up their marriage. Both go to confession. Presumably both are in a state of grace, and, of course, both commune.

So, we have a blatant contradiction. They have not reconciled, and yet here they are going to church and partaking of the sacraments as if they have reconciled.

This is the Church compromised with the world, an outgrowth of feminism. The rights of the husband are not upheld in the Church, and the secular courts are regarded as the main decision makers.

The rights of a husband and subsequently, father, are the foundation of any patriarchy. This is a plausible scenario in which I suggest the woman should be told she is in a state of mortal sin as long as she refuses to submit to and live with her husband. If you are capable of realizing this could in fact be the appropriate action, congratulations- you are, in fact, sane, despite the dissonance we often feel in the modern world.

The structure of the family is extremely important, because this is where people actually come from. We are experiencing a drop off in Catholics in no small part because people are not being born Catholic anymore. People are being born bastards. Any Catholicism comes as an afterthought, if the mother remembers some aspect of the Church fondly and she can fit in a baptism in between work and night school. The 'patriarchy' of celibates look at the Church as their own, and draw various conclusions as to why she is such disarray. It is useful to remember that a derivative must rest on and not deviate very far from the underlying asset.

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