Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Prefer Honest Losers

At this point, I think it should be noted that psychiatric medication is not only foolishness, but that it inculcates an intellectual dishonesty in users.
The crackhead, the pot smoker, even the plain old alcoholic have more integrity. Tweakers are highly dangerous and awful at conversation, but they aren't usually playing at therapy.

There is a massive sense of frustration when you realize that you are not, in fact, talking to a reasonably intelligent bourgeois person. No, you are talking to drugs. Indeed the drugs change the mind, alter the personality, shut off any true conversation. I had a thought that I should cast out the drugs, as if I were casting out demons. For they are there, in control, destroying the person while at the same time claiming to be somehow helpful.

Meanwhile there are a plethora of drugs both helpful, illegal, and extremely unlikely to be prescribed.

So, the honest losers are at least getting a decent high out of their regime. And I suspect some folks aren't even losers- we probably could provide ourselves with a host of benefits with very little risk with an intelligent course of steroids. Testosterone would make these people feel better, and the resulting change in body composition would provide the patient with a lasting improved biological environment. Yes, they'd have to learn to eat right and keep themselves running properly, but they'd be in a far better place.

Look at that. In the midst of complaining about people who take psychiatric drugs, I come up with an idea that would actually improve their lives. With an intelligent doctor in charge, they'd probably not even have to worry about liver issues or sterility. This is why psychiatry is such bull. My approach would likely take six weeks and result in improvements in the body which should translate directly into benefits for the mind. There's plenty of research linking the the two, especially the benefits of exercise on mental health. The psychiatric approach consists of medicating with substances that demonstrably destroy the body over time. People experience reduced ability to exercise, gain weight, and begin to have other problems- the solution is often even more medication. Circling the drain rather than healing.

It is precisely the decline in general health and capability that should send up the red flag. People taking these medications should notice they are getting worse, not better. They should also be intellectually honest and note that they want an altered state of consciousness and that there are better ways to achieve such states. This is why people continue to stay on this crap long after the uselessness of it is established; it is a prescribed and therefore legal way to alter consciousness. The better, short term way to alter consciousness is marijuana, and the long term solution is, again, to improve the body so that whatever factors contributing to the crappy state of your consciousness are removed or minimized.

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