Thursday, May 30, 2013

Would They Say Their Sacrifice Was For Naught?

Ah, Memorial day, and here it is a few days past it, and I am still hearing about all the sacrifices so many made.

Well here is a gut check- do you really think many of the soldiers who died for this country would tell you their sacrifice wasn't in vain?

Would those who threw off the British notice the tax our own government puts on tea, not to mention all the other taxes?

I recently heard an account of an Austrian man who designs farms. He comes over here and finds all the things he wants to do are either illegal, or require a truckload of paperwork to do, yet we still obstinately call ourselves the land of the free. Yes, he has had problems with other governments too, but no other nation is quite so blatantly not what they say it is, except maybe North Korea.

But whatever the war, whatever the purported enemy, would the soldiers who died see modern America as what they died protecting, or as a swindle? I'm guessing the further back we go, the more likely they wouldn't recognize America as the land of the free anymore either.

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