Friday, May 24, 2013

The Real Minority

Lest you be unaware, dear readers, in various places on the internet, the ugly and annoying specter of race versus IQ has reared it's ugly head.
This is largely because some dude named Richwine mentioned actual science in a place were he shouldn't have. This resulted in a firing and much gnashing of teeth. I think I have talked about this before. Let me take a different approach.

People, largely of my own race, forced me to go to public school, except for those two years when my parents let me homeschool. In these public schools there were tests. Those tests consistently informed me that I was different from the other students. The students also noticed I was different. Even when I slacked off and didn't try very hard with the tests, the other students still noticed I was different.

I was discriminated against, regardless of my skin color. I suspect a person with my intelligence, who happened to be black, would be discriminated against, regardless of his skin color. The people doing the discriminating are all too often, stupid people who have the same skin color as the person being discriminated against.

So every time this crap comes up I think about how hard it is to get out and find the sort of environment in which I can be productive, and how much harder it must be for a racial minority, since the current political correctness actually reduces their ability. The current political correctness suggests that everyone is equal, and the public library mentality for many years now has been something about being relevant. What this translates out to is trying to find out what the lowest common denominator wants and providing it. So, what happens for the poor, disadvantaged, but high IQ person? He or she comes to the library to find that the library is now catering to the idiots who like slasher movies, afro-centric erotica, and even video games in many places.

This is particularly sad because libraries are where the smart kids would go. In this era we pretend that we can make smart kids out of everyone.
No. Most people want beer and low brow entertainment.

If Richwine actually erred anywhere, it may have been policy recommendations, but I am not really sure. Immigration is a tough knot, as long as the government refuses to honor the principle of private property. People should be able to travel wherever they are invited, but they shall be able to travel where they aren't invited as well, under our current zombie socialist regime.

But I digress. My point, if you have not noted it yet, is that IQ is more important to people of high IQ than skin color. We are a minority and, unfortunately, society has devolved to the point where it doesn't know what to do with us.

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