Friday, June 7, 2013

Prism: It Isn't Just Unconstitutional, It Also Just Doesn't Work

Either Prism works and thus the spying bastards in our government are complicit in the Boston bombing, or Prism doesn't work. Those guys were on Facebook.
If you are using Facebook for anything, it is probably to find useful idiots who can fit the script.

Here is my guess- Prism doesn't work. Climatology has been constipated with computer modelling for sometime. Climatology won't work until a whole lot of people are kicked out and the whole field is rebooted. After Lorentz and chaos theory, you all should know better. Hell, you might actually know better and just be part of the con. Al Gore's whole cap and trade thing is a scam. An engineered market is a scam folks, because it creates artificial, false prices that we then have to deal with as if they are real. It comes down to Gore & friends making money, and the rest of us losing out.

One of the scariest things I heard in the last few years was that they were doing computer modelling for DNA research and that the model had something like a 30% error rate. That's scary, especially after hearing about Angelina Jolie's decision to resort to surgery in order to avoid a purported 87% chance of breast cancer. That's a bad choice even if the 87% is the legit probability- the surgery has its own risks- but I suspect even Angelina may be around to find out 87% isn't legit. It will be much lower, and very likely highly correlated to certain lifestyle/environmental factors.

So, we've got prima facie evidence the Prism doesn't work, and then we've got the logical evidence, because this is just another multi-variant computer model, the ones the revolving corporate/government types either sell or buy, depending on which office they are sitting in today.

You are wasting money, destroying our privacy, and most certainly not keeping us safe. I really hope this is somehow cleaned up. I don't see how anyone in D.C. can continue to pretend we are living in a Republic under the constitution that this government generally points to as the source of their power.

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