Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Feeling New

Sometimes I have a chance to feel like I have a new body. I lost 113lbs a long time ago now. I am past those two years the statisticians say most folks never make it past without regaining. I've decided I wanted more muscle and I've got a little- I now am about 10lbs heavier than I was last November, and I think most of it is muscle. I did gain a little fat along with the muscle, but I easily lost it again.
Anyway, in a desperate bid to stay awake at work today, I went walking around downtown for lunch. The landscaping around the river tends to require that you either go walk and find the stairs, or jump/climb in certain places where it is just a little bit too high. So, this jumping and climbing isn't much- in climbing terms it is more like a really giant step up. The thing is though, especially when I jump down, the sensations are utterly different from any other jumps I ever remembered. I am lighter and stronger than ever in my life. There is this weird remembrance of my older me, a sense of caution about jumping down from a height, but when I jump, it is trivial.

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justme27 said...

Your story is an inspiration! Good seeing you the other day.