Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is Cologne Paleo?

Recently Robb Wolf fielded a question about cologne. Now, I doubt folks were dousing themselves with fragance in the paleolithic, but I do suspect people tried to look and smell better for the opposite sex:
I have a question that may not fall under the scope of the podcast, but I’ll ask anyway. As far as I know, it has never been covered on the podcast. Does cologne affect bodily functions, such as the endocrine and nervous system? If so, would it only be through skin absorption, or inhalation also? Would applying it to certain areas on the body be less harmful than others?

A good, but indirect supplement to the answer Robb gave can be found here: Permanent Styles' How To Wear Fragrance:
Once you spend more than around £80 on 50ml of a perfume, the creator has had free range of the vast majority of the world’s ingredients. This is of course a lot of money, and there is nothing wrong with cheaper ingredients (the simple citrus-and-herb colognes). But the only objective thing to measure in the quality of a perfume is its ingredients, and above this price you’re on safe ground.

Yep, this is the high end approach, like buying grass fed lamb and having it shipped to your house. This is usually what we get- go without, go really high-end, or in this case we could try and dabble with a few different scents blended together so that we could have something decent without all the chemicals being sold to the American middle class.

This is an interesting Monocle piece on the perfume making business.

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