Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When Your Ideological Position on Gender Does Not Compute

The Center for a Stateless Society put out commentary called Patriarchy on Steriods: The Case of Venezuelan Plastic Surgery Fever. Here's a taste:
There’s a prejudiced notion both in and out of academic circles that might lead some to argue that the whole thing boils down to machismo, a term frequently used to denote the supposedly stronger patriarchal nature of Latin American cultures when compared to other Western societies.

But patriarchy is as pervasive as it is a perverse, universal social legacy. And while many other social factors might strengthen its pathological consequences, statist economies put them on steroids. In Venezuela, or elsewhere.

I was told once, by a Venezuelan woman that machismo is a Mexican thing and if you try stuff like that in Venezuela the women will knock you out.

But much worse than this is the extreme bias against women here. Why would I say that? Well, the very next day, here is The Center for a Stateless Society proclaiming Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013. Wait, what? Are we remembering the poor misguided souls who actually believed the lie that gender is a social construct and allowed some inhumane surgeon disfigure them? No, instead we are remembering the progressive's sacrificial lambs- the ones that were killed by people who were afraid they had cooties. In other words, they are people who were encouraged to advertise their differences before the ravening masses- masses which would kill even me if I went on about particular subjects in public. I take enough of a risk not saying the pledge.

So, the boob job in one case is all good, but in the other not?

Well, as a would be patriarch, also very interested in a stateless society by the way, let me tell you that a patriarch is largely interested in family, and none of these surgeries translate well into family. All of these surgeries represent short term thinking. This is a corporatist culture that provides you with poor substitutes, the mere appearance of things on the best day, while reducing your ability to have what is authentic.

The patriarchy has nothing to do with the choices Venezuelan women are making. They are making these choices on their own. If a person's decision to change gender is lauded in progressive circles, despite the continuing inability of these con artists to actually provide true sex changes, then why would you denigrate a woman's decision to amp up her gender? And, worst of all, why would you blame it on fathers? Fathers generally don't want either of these things for their children. Sure, sure, maybe you don't mean what I think you mean when you say patriarchy, but you better come up with a new term fast. Hillary Clinton is no patriarch, nor is Merkel, nor are a half dozen other women obviously in powerful positions and happily taking the assets that we would be using for family formation and using them instead for their nefarious programs. This a global power structure of thieves, and thieves come in every gender.

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