Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's With Foreign Policy & Christians These Days?

I've had comments removed from blogs before, but for the first time I Disqus told me I was banned from somewhere. I emailed Creative Minority Report to find out if this were for real banning and not just hitting some sort of spam filter. That was just a little while ago, so I don't know if I am officially banned or not, but I did go round to Disqus to see what kind of stuff they keep, and they keep all my comments made under their little regime, so that was cool.

So I found two removed comments.

One was a response to Time To Consecrate Russia at the aforementioned Creative Minority Report.

My comment:
Nah. Russia should consecrate us. This post is like some weird Catholic experiment with LSD. Fatima prophecy + anti-Russian propaganda from a failing U.S. media/state department. The U.S. government can't keep their hands to themselves, and the Russian finally said enough. China is largely in agreement with them. Tax day just passed- aren't you tired of paying for war, abortion, inflation, and whatever else they dream up?

The other was over at First Things, on a post about Why Evangelical Support For Israel is Waning.

My comment:
The problem is the Israeli government consistently being an atheist socialist government that only makes mention of God when they are in serious political trouble. When the Israeli government took Jews out of Gaza, they provided us with a clear fact- they do not respect private property or their own people. Both the Israeli and Palestinian politicians use the current state of affairs as an excuse to prey upon their own people.

I am not sure, but it seems like some folks are a little more Americanist than they are Christian. Anyone with an understanding of Russia could have seen their take over of Crimea coming- there was no way they could leave their military assets in an unfriendly country's hands. Additionally, despite U.S. propaganda, it seems entirely possible that there are large chunks of Ukrainians who do not like their government high-jacked by friends of Victoria Nuland. So we've got a bunch of un-elected thugs running around killing people and drawing their only shred of legitimacy from Western powers. How can Papa Francis, who appears to be involved in a scandal involving phone calls and bad pastoral advice, possibly help this situation? Surely, if the Patriarch of Moscow, who appears to know how to use the phone without causing scandal, would consecrate the U.S. to the Theotokos we would get a better result. It would certainly have more gravitas. Perhaps we can start a consecration war, complete with massive intercontinental blessings being flung back and forth.

I don't even know what's going on with First Things. That comment is exactly what happened to me, people. I was totally down with Israel. I was listening to Arutz Sheva. Tovia Singer is like the Zionist Rush Limbaugh- and these guys are more than that; they are legitimately believers to boot. So I got to hear the plight of the real Jews because these guys actually covered the Israeli government going into Gaza and forcibly taking real, believing Jews out of Gaza. And guess what? The fact that the government of Israel can't respect the private property right of its own people, ultimately made it clear to me that their posturing isn't legit. Obviously, neither is the posturing of the Palestinian leaders.

Under the ethnic posturing there is the reality of individual families, on every side, with no property rights, in a constant state of flux, not encouraged to build anything because if they do it may get destroyed or given to someone else. Oh, hey, this is happening in Ukraine too. Isn't that interesting? Let's have our big East/West fight while kids in Donestk die and nobody gets a chance to plant anything, so there will be famine right around the time Russia turns off the gas for lack of payment.

Maybe it gets worse, maybe war happens.

Whatever happens, I suspect the two people who removed my comments are going to continue to be disappointed. The one small joy in this world right now is learning. We are losing, and frankly, things have to get really bad before anyone even begins to give up the progressive march, so the small joy is that much more important. Sure, sometimes that small joy comes after a big angry. Frankly, I am surprised that these comments got removed; I have certainly left much more inflammatory comments on both sites (well, on CRM for sure) than these.


The Anti-Gnostic said...

I don't know the specifics of the Fatima prophecy, but I would have considered it fulfilled with the fall of the atheist regime in 1991.

August said...

There's a difference of opinion among Catholics. I think some sort of consecration was done, but others think it wasn't.

Based on the initial email response from CMR though, we may have Disqus blocking or removing comments based on content rather than individual bloggers doing so.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Russia bans sodomite propaganda and gives priority to Christianity in the public square. The US promotes sodomy and outlaws Christianity in the public square. atheism. Why am I supposed to weep and gnash my teeth about Russia?