Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Convenient Divorce

This morning I heard that there is a bill somewhere in the Louisiana legislature that allows for an immediate divorce in cases involving abuse. In nearly every trivial case- you know the ones in which the wife just isn't happy, and wants to go eat, pray, and love on some mysterious foreign dude, either the word abuse or some implication thereof is implied. Indeed, if you are dating a woman, and she has such things to say about her ex-boyfriends or whatever, you may want to just vacate the premises. My own ex-wife did this nonsense to me- she didn't bring it up to the level of claiming abuse in court, but only trying to gain some sort of points by dragging me to a counselor, and then failing miserably to even convince the counselor.

If this thing passes, the dear little wolves will cry abuse to the heavens.

It isn't even useful- in the sense of keeping the violent from being violent. Normally you have to wait 180 days. Now, in that time a spouse might be violent or not- but if a court just decides to grant divorce immediately, what's to stop the violence?

The lady who was trying to defend this mess told of a guy who held his wife at gunpoint, got arrested, got bailed out, and then went on to kill his wife.
That particular wife didn't need immediate divorce, she needed a legal system that would keep that guy in jail based on his danger to her.

I don't see this helping women in truly dangerous situations, and I think it will cause more damage to good men.

It may even increase violence. Doesn't sound like a good idea to blitzkrieg a guy like this. Those of you who still believe in a social contract should understand- if you want to keep the guy peacable, you might want to keep him thinking he has a chance with the courts.

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